PrincipalGail Walker

Gail Walker is an environmental communications project manager with a proven track record in developing and implementing sensitive, strategic approaches to engagement with stakeholders. Gail possesses well-attuned skills to critically assess needs and design communication plans that support projects whether they are high-profile, long-term, technically complex, controversial and/or disruptive. Her communication programs focus on addressing the unique interests of residential neighbors, business communities, elected officials, regulatory agencies, advocacy groups, interested parties and media.

Gail's work has been commended in resolutions by the Illinois House of Representatives, the Ohio House of Representatives and the Chicago City Council. She has received numerous awards from business organizations and environmental advocacy groups. She is recipient of the Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition for community service from the U.S. Congress.

Gail earned her Masters degree from DePaul University in Chicago with a focus area of environmental policy and communication. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Communication from Ohio University.
First Showcase

"… steadfast commitment … and well-attuned stakeholder engagement, which resulted in the remarkable success of the project …"

Resolution, Illinois House of Representatives

"On behalf of Navistar, you worked with regulators, the area aldermen, the City of Chicago, the sometimes hostile communities, the neighboring businesses, the media, the potential purchasers and surrounding schools with admirable courtesy, respect and patience."

Edith Ardiente Vice President, Environmental and Energy Affairs
Steve Covey, Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Chief Ethics Officer

"Early in your tenure on the project, we discovered your ability to take technical information and transform it into a message that a lay person could appreciate."

Robert Repel
Geoff Goldberg
Office of the Mayor, City of Chicago

"Your good judgment, political instincts and ability to relate to a wide range of audiences played an important role in the development of our approach to public involvement and communications."

Paul Seidler, Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety

"Your contribution of public relations support played a key role in our effort to produce an exhibit of exceptionally high quality. Minister Mikhailov, head of Russia’s Ministry of Atomic Energy, was so impressed with the exhibit that he has requested using portions of it at future conferences and events."

Terry Lash, Director, Office of Nuclear Energy, Safety and Technology - U.S. Department of Energy